Sprinkler Advisor

Sprinkler Advisor

Sprinkler, drip system, valve, timer installation and repair

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Mark's Cell Phone: 602-469-4545
Email: mark@sprinkleradvisor.com

1233 S Maple
Mesa, AZ 85206

Our Services

  • Sprinkler repair
  • Drip system repair
  • Valve replacement & repair
  • Timer installation & repair
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Wire tracing and fault locating
  • Low pressure correction
  • Renovations and expansions
  • Conversion to zeriscape
  • Garden & annual soaker lines


Timers / Controllers

Timers or Controllers are electronic devices that help you maintain your sprinkler system's watering settings. They allow you to set the sprinkler system to run at certain times of the day, on certain days of the week, and for how long to run during those times.

Brands include: Rain Bird, Lawn Genie, Hunter, Weathermatic, Irritrol and Virtualrain