Sprinkler Advisor

Sprinkler Advisor

Sprinkler, drip system, valve, timer installation and repair

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Email: mark@sprinkleradvisor.com

1233 S Maple
Mesa, AZ 85206

Our Services

  • Sprinkler repair
  • Drip system repair
  • Valve replacement & repair
  • Timer installation & repair
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Wire tracing and fault locating
  • Low pressure correction
  • Renovations and expansions
  • Conversion to zeriscape
  • Garden & annual soaker lines



"He educated me and was able to repair instead of replacing."- Randy V., Tempe, AZ


"As far as I know at this point the problem was correctly diagnosed and fixed without a long wait for service. Mark was the first to respond and got the job because his bid was reasonable (based on a prior bid from a service provider unassociated with Service Magic). As long as the problem does not re-occur, we are very satisfied with the service Mark provided. His workers also did a good job of cleaning up after the job was done. Always a good thing."- Mesa, AZ


"Mark performed to his commitments."- Alan A., Gilbert, AZ


Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler systems are a necessity for anyone with a lawn. They'll save you time, money and headaches. However, repairing a broken sprinkler system is less than desirable. Sprinkler repair is what we specialize in. Sprinkler systems have many moving parts so maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your residential sprinkler system in good working condition.

Many times, some of the problems in a sprinkler system can be repaired by yourself, such as dirty sprinkler heads, but other times it requires a sprinkler repair professional to come in and fix the problems. A broken sprinkler line can be difficult to isolate where the leak. Sometimes a pump needs to be repaired or replaced and this is a job that most people do not know how to do.